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St. Aidan Press publishes Catholic classics in the areas of literature (for adults and children),
history and apologetics.

About Our Books
Our books are all retypeset and proofed, not photocopied. That’s a lot more work, but it results
in a superior product.

Who Was St. Aidan?
St. Aidan (pronounced Ay’den) was born in the province of Connaught, in western Ireland,
in the late sixth or early seventh century. Educated at Inish Cathay, he served as a
missionary bishop in Northumbria (Northern England), at the request of King Oswald,
ruler of that region.

Among his most notable achievements was the founding of Lindisfarne Monastery,
one of the great centers of piety and learning in the early English church. St. Aidan also
recognized the need to develop an Anglo-Saxon clergy, and one of his foremost pupils
was St. Bede the Venerable. St. Aidan died at Bamborough in 651, and was buried at
Lindisfarne. His feastday is August 31.

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